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Improve your Monthly Budget for 2024

1 min read
  • Review your credit card debt. and cut down on your spending.
  • What are your financial goals?
  • Do a budget calculation and stick within it.
  • Be aware of your credit report.
  • Commit to no spending weekends. Go out once a month instead of every weekend.
  • Choose a do it yourself exercise program and avoid a pricey new gym membership.
  • Increase your retirement or make an IRA contribution.
  • Pay off some Debt. Auto, Student loan, Home, Etc.
  • Prevent any costly bad habits like to many coffee drinks, eating out too much, expensive subscriptions, smoking, and pet grooming.
  • Paying for food delivery, grocery order pulling, and maid service means you might be lazy and have plenty of money already.
  • Automate some payments where possible and reduce fee based online payment methods.
  • Make small repairs before larger repairs are needed.
  • Evaluate your cable or TV bill for possible change to Digital Antennae for local broadcasts and online streaming services.
  • Be sure to have a dentist or doctor checkup to avoid a costly or serious health issue.
  • Review last years bad money moves and learn from them.
  • Review any investment portfolio adjustments needed.
  • Review tax plan and consider a good will charitable donation.
  • Review Employee Benefits for added dependents or coverage changes.
  • What are your credit limits?
  • Check for a free on line financial course, audiobook, podcast or library book.

See USNEWS article on 20 tips for new years financial resolutions.