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If Earth is warming, But not caused by Humans?

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Plants Use CO2 to live

Greenhouse Effect

Well we might need to invest our resources into colonizing other planets or moons.

When considering the issue of “Climate Change”, there are two issues being combined as one by political agenda.

The two questions are:

  • Does geological study show evidence of the earth warming over time?
  • Does evidence confirm an increase in global temperatures caused by human activity?
  • Earth’s Core is cooling faster than we knew. Link

Most evidence seems to indicate warming temperatures since the last Ice Age thousands of years ago. There is virtually no evidence that Human activity is the primary cause. We see extremism in political activist to link the two issues together. Media educational repetitive indoctrination effects the poorly informed to create the perception. The next generation is now becoming tone deaf to other issues that threaten the planet. They are becoming hypnotized on an agenda. Much like stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

Removing all fossil fuels would have minimal to zero impact on long term planetary temperature change. With thousands of planets out there we see no evidence of artificial climate manipulation. Venus, for example cannot be cooled by a 1% reduction of carbon emissions. Planets have a temperature that is determined by that planets astrophysics and geo thermal activity.

Astrophysics, and other geological changes have a larger impact on the Earths climate, but those are out of our control. There may be ways to make changes, like planting vegetation, cleaning ocean trash balls, preventing reef destruction, and other similar actions. Preparing for future change could be wise. Developing habitats on other planets along with developing innovative habitats on earth. Under Sea Communities could have some benefit as well.

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