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James Comey ” The ListWarden”

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Was Jim Comey Providing Database information to Hillary on her private server.? Did “The ListWarden” help develop the “List of Deplorables” ? Where are you on the list.? What action is shown to be taken for your rating.? Have you already been attacked.?

Seems a bit reaching, but consider this, Homeland Security, the NSA, and the FBI have been building massive database details on everyone. Largely since The Patriot Act, but ever increasing reach into the privacy of all Americans.

What was on the missing hard drive that was so important to Hillary and to Jim Comey to cause him to help capture it? How far had she gone with the preparations to carry out her strategic actions on innocent citizens that had achieved a Hillary Score that required punishment? Is it hidden away for a rainy day.? Is “The ListWarden” still holding some cards?

A list of Enemies?

Link for details on mass government data collection.

Link for details of Hillary’s lists.

Link for Hillary missing email diversion trick.

Link to FBI missing email report on Hillary’s crime.