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Prayer Is Healthy.

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Prayer is Healthy

Prayer is Healthy

Well what do you know,..? There is evidence that prayer is healthy. In a recent article by Elizabeth Bernstein of the WSJ some medical experts describe the health benefits of praying. Describing prayer as a form of meditation and relaxation strategy along with a spiritual dreamlike and brain chemistry therapeutic event. Christians and Clergy include a component that is the primary purpose and benefit of prayer. That component is using prayer to communicate with the all powerful heavenly supernatural being known as GOD. Those folks also include that God hears and answers prayer according to his all knowing discretion. It is believed that Prayer is heard by God at a 10X more powerful level if spoken aloud rather than just by silent thought. Additionally it is believed that prayer has a 100X more effective level of power when two or more people are praying aloud together with a sense of serious communication effort. Not much science to confirm that however. See the links below for WSJ, and Christian articles on prayer.

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